I thank God for the good, bad and ugly of 2016

​When you look back over your year and all you can do is cry tears of joy it must have been a good year. I thank God for the good, the bad and the ugly because I left nothing for the taken. Every time I stumbled, I learned life lessons. When I learned to allow God to guide my steps, my life began to change. 

In 2016, I can truly say I came back to me. I came back to the woman I knew God intended for me to be. I learned how to love me through the image God created me in. Everything in my life began to fall into place because for the first time I can truly say I understood my purpose. 

When you understand your reason for being and allow God to direct your path your life can’t do anything but change. 

2016 don’t owe me anything……..
Coming back to me…….

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